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If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying food from a Greek menu then you know what heaven tastes like. The Greek cuisine has been around since ancient civilizations & has evolved to what it has become today here in Orlando. Everyone has their own family twist to the traditional dishes, but the Greek menu foundation remains the same.

Looking for Mediterranean cuisine, Greek food offers many choices. Their dishes are filled with ingredients such as, pasta, lemon juice, various cheese, lemon juice, herbs and yoghurt, olives. It is widely accepted that a Mediterranean diet is considered healthy.

At Park Ave VIP catering in Orlando, the Mediterranean Greek menu tradition lives on. Many of the most famous Greek dishes are featured on our menu. You’re probably familiar with the more traditional dishes such as hummus and the gyro sandwich. 

The gyro is one of our most requested Greek lunch items. Your guests will love them, especially since it’s not a common meal that is offered everywhere like a hamburger.

We offer some of the best lamb dishes in Orlando that we’ve perfected for over 20 years. Greek food is healthy and simple. It’s also colorful and makes your table spread look vibrant. A food presentation that truly impresses guests.

The catering menu below feature classic Greek dishes, such as spanakopita. Spanakopita is pastry stuffed with spinach and feta. Then there is the classic dessert baklava, which is a honey drenched, nut-filled dessert that is the favorite of many.

There is a phrase that Greeks say when they have something delicious, “Yia Sta Heria Stas” which literally translates into “I kiss your hands” and that is meant to celebrate great chiefs’ skill.

Greek Menu Options

There are some incredible choices for providing food in Orlando, yet at Park Ave VIP Catering, we take a stab at greatness. Offering delicious nourishment, huge menus, and refreshment choices for any event that will make every one of your visitors go “my goodness!”

Our group has the persistence, experience, and imagination to make your occasion an spectacular one. Get tasty menu things, suppers and occasions with our master gourmet specialists. Call us and don’t hesitate to ask us how we can make your occasion astonishing.

We have been serving the Great Orlando territory since 1998. Call (407) 927-8333 and we will make certain your event is a smashing success.

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We have a wide selection of delicious appetizers, aka, Hors d’oeuvre or just finger foods. Whatever you prefer to call them, we offer something delicious for everyone. Find the perfect appetizer menu to start off your catered event.

Hummus with Pita Bread

Grilled Chicken Skewers

Stuffed Grape Leaves


Chicken Pesto Pasta with Florentine Sauce


Our salads are loaded with fresh & flavorful ingredients that is guaranteed to satisfy any salad lover’s craving. We cater to a variety of needs with a variety of protein offerings & salad variations. We also offer options for vegetarians.

All salads come with your choice of dressing(s) and we always include plates, napkins, and utensils.

Greek Salad

Garden Salad


Below you’ll find all your Greek main dish choices. If you have a suggestion for another entrée please don’t hesitate to ask.

Beef Shish Kebob

Veggie Shish Kebob

Lamb Shish Kebob

Mediterranean Lamb Chops

Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce

Chicken Shish Kebob

Dessert Menu

You will notice that only Baklava is listed below. If you select a meal plan with several dessert options then please check out the desserts in our main menu.



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