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How important is a wedding catering service?

There are a lot of things you need to consider for your wedding. What makes it most special? Is it the wedding dress? Is it the venue? Perhaps you’re thinking it’s the wedding caterer? What about the wedding cake? The answer is all of the above. If one of these things listed above are subpar then people are going to be disappointed.

That’s why you need the peace of mind that goes with selecting an Orlando wedding caterer company that has been catering for decades.

Choosing the best wedding catering company for you

Choosing the right catering company can seem intimidating with all the new terms and steps involved. It’s just food, right? Unfortunately, there are steps that need to be taken in order for your special wedding day to be a smashing success.

That is where we come in and help you do it all. If it’s a big event, then we happy and work well with your wedding planner. If it’s a more intimate event than we can handle it all. From the water fountain décor down to the quality utensils and napkins. We can make your wedding day a dream come true; even if you’re on a budget.

What types of foods should you serve at your wedding?

You can choose to serve any types of food that you would like at your wedding. Experts recommend some of these popular choices to make your catered Orlando wedding event that leave an impressive and memorable experience.

Contact us and we can go over what you have in mind based on what you prefer. Some of the more popular dishes are:

• Roasted Vegetables- Marinated vegetables are always well received at wedding events. They complement just about any main course nicely. They’re healthy and light, so your guests will appreciate it.

• Cuisines based on a culture – Many people like to have a menu based off their culture. Like Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. We offer a wide variety of wedding-appropriate foods to help make your food choices special. From Mexican to American, Greek & Asian, any wedding can feature a cultural flair by asking your Orlando caterer to focus on foods that are popular in any culture or country.

Families immediately think a wedding ceremony is better if they have food from their own culture. It also makes a wedding unique and sets the event apart from all the others.

• Chocolate Fountains – We have a chocolate fountain that your guests will absolutely love. Guests can dip their favorite fruits in the bubbling fountain. It’s a great center piece to see chocolate cascading down.If you need help planning your wedding event, let us know.

We are your one-stop Orlando catering company solution. Helping ensure that your wedding will be spectacular and unforgettable affair that your guests won’t forget any time soon.

Should you hire a catering company for a small wedding?

Have you ever started a project thinking it would be easy only to find out it was an extremely daunting task? We hear this happens often because Hollywood makes weddings seem effortless. Even when we attend weddings ourselves, we don’t see what is going on behind closed doors.

From the centerpieces, to the DJ, it’s important to remember all the little details and hand select each part to make sure the event is how you’ve always dreamed it would be. When it comes to planning the reception, talk to a few catering companies in Orlando. Some are absolutely amazing and fit for a royal wedding, but perhaps you’re not exactly working with a royal budget. That’s okay, keep searching for a catering company that offers a balance of experience, attention to detail, and of course, stay within budget.


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